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Mid-week I took the kids to the park on the way back from pre-school, and an eagle appeared for the second day in a row soaring over the man-made 'pond'/park (rainwater pollution catchment exercise with AL).

Goin' fishin'.

And landed on an electrical power pole, -a big metal one. I pointed the eagle out to Niko -I'd started walking them around the pond loop walkway which is a third of a mile. So when I saw the eagle land I turned us around to walk in that direction and we walked under it. And when we did, I mentioned it to a man and he said 'oh yes' -they've built a nest over in the ballpark in Woodlawn so they fish here. I'd never seen them before. But lo and behold, when we got under the pole the mate to the pair appeared and landed right beside (I think that one was the male, slightly larger) -Niko actually got to see him land. They stayed for over twenty minutes, -sadly I didn't have my camera today. I've never seen a mating pair together before. I've seen eagles, (and an eagle land in its nest when I was around 6). The closest one was flying up river in the Walbran (nothing's going to beat that). And one spawning season I saw nineteen or so in one drive to the ferry (after a David Bowie concert).

My brother shrugged; in his survey work he's been going to Bella Bella -the eagle capital of BC/Canada, where they are as common as crows. Apparently he has some good shots.

It was Niko's first eagle. Spectacular!